wanna make an indie…so conflicted…do i make an adult!liesel meminger?? modern au jane eyre?? grown up scout finch!!!! i do not know ;n;

Title: Ode to a Nightingale
Artist: F. Scott Fitzgerald
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F. Scott Fitzgerald reads Keats’ “Ode to a Nightingale,” one of the few sound recordings of the author’s voice.  He is reciting from memory, and, towards the end, strays significantly from the original text.


kicking it with kennedy’s » a mix for the men and women who wear armor in the form of finely tailored suits, deploy weaponry in the form of meticulously arranged words, and hold the nation’s future in the palm of their hands.

i. the kennedy’s - chancellor warhold | ii. super rich kids - frank ocean | iii. be good (rac remix) - tokyo police club | iv. diplomat’s son - vampire weekend | v. the love club - lorde | vi. work - iggy azalea | vii. fashion killa - asap rocky | viii. still sane - lorde | ix. honest - the neighbourhood

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im watching like 6 shows at one time my hair is turning gray

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the only thing funnier than this video are the comments on it


i thought they looked good together

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pic and a great article on Sylvia Plath and her baking exploits via thedabbler.co.uk

**Sylvia Plath’s Tomato Soup Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting**

The Tomato Soup Cake seems to be the most popular one among Sylvia Plath’s favorite baking goods, another recipe from Sylvia’s bible The Joy of Cooking.

Scholars such as Kate Moses (see for recipe using raisins, walnuts), P.H. Davies (see for recipes using sultanas, prunes, almonds) or Graywolf Press (see for recipe using raisins, pecans or walnuts) have already dared to bake the Depression-era treat aka known as the Mystery Cake, apparently very popular in the 1930s, even though many seem to view the concept of putting tomato soup in a cake, using Erin Kottk’s words “simultaneously repulsive and appealing”.

In her awesome article Baking with Sylvia (hence the name for the theme week!) published on 15 February 2003 in The Guardian, Kate Moses, the author of Wintering: The Novel of Sylvia Plath, tells us that Sylvia Plath documented in her 1962 daily calendar that she made tomato soup cake on the day (14 November 1962) she composed Death & Co.

Kate Moses also tells us that "Plath loved it, and she made it over and over; she wrote to her mother to inquire about the size of tomato soup cans in America, because the first cake she made in England was "a bit wet"."

I think, this will be the first Sylvia Plath cake I’m going to make, even though I’m kinda scared and repulsed myself. HAHAH! ;)

For vegan Sylvia Plath inspired Tomato Cupcakes, see fablesfortables.com! :)

P.S.: It’s really funny how the Barbara Laage/Sylvia Plath craziness invaded the internet: in her tomato soup cake recipe Maria Denardo fromelizabethstreet.com uses the wrong picture and claims it to be Sylvia Plath! LOL! ;)

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 Janelle Monáe sings Rock Steady with Kimbra.